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Enjoy different games, and share your favourites, through our library.


The vast majority of games in our library this year have been donated to the Ettin Games Association by supporters or sponsors. The small number of purchases were achieved with the help of ticket sales and our patrons on Patreon. We're really grateful for each and every contribution we've mentioned here.


Library membership is issued on a per-event basis; Each event has its own game list and member list. To get your library card, reserve a game and then purchase a library card ticket of corresponding value via before the deadline (June 15 2023).


Anyone with a library card may check out one game at a time by having both scanned by the librarians, who will hang onto your refundable deposit until the game is returned in satisfactory condition. Games will be available for collection on the last weekend in June, to be returned in the first weekend in August. For further terms and conditions of library use, please see

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We want it to be easy for everyone to find, and share, the kind of fun they are looking for during the event.
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