About Ettin Con

Ettin Con started in July 2015 in a cosy church hall in Katoomba as a place to meet new players, discover new games, and enjoy our hobbies by sharing them.
Our next event saw twice as many of us in a venue twice as large, playing for twice as long, and it just keeps getting bigger and better!
(Our mascot is the Ettin, a two-headed giant, because our twice-yearly event began as a double-birthday party for the founders)

Poster for Summer 2018

Board Games

Modern games have come a long way since monopoly or snakes & ladders. Bring your favourite board game along to share, or even try something different from our library of public games.

Roleplaying Games

More than just Dungeons Dragons! Explore a number of genres or systems with us! Register a table to run a game , or just a seat or two to play at one of our RPG sessions. We even have our own fantasy world to which you can contribute!

Card Games

Magic? Uno? Card Wars? Netrunner? Dominion? Bring your deck, shuffle into your seat, and deal us in!

Video Games

We haven't forgotten you screen-heads. Enjoy our consoles together or bring your portable device with some multiplayer games!


The next Ettin Con is never far away!


Next Today's Event

Ettin Con: Summer Edition
Saturday 24th February 2018
Blackheath Community Centre
(Opposite Blackheath Station)
Cnr Great Western Highway & Gardiner Crescent
Blackheath NSW 2785
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To pre-purchase print-at-home tickets, click any of the buttons below, or use the QR code above.
Online sales will begin at are now will be closed at available at discounted rates full price closed until our next event is announced. Stay tuned via our email newsletter or social channels! until 10:00am Monday 9th October 2017. 11:59pm Friday 16th February 2018. 11:59pm Friday 23rd February 2018.
Gift vouchers are available below. General Admission tickets will also be available at the door, but roleplaying sessions (free) and competitions (plus entry fee) require registration to ensure your seat at those tables. Check back closer to the event for more details here for registration links as each game is listed , or join our mailing list .
Children under 16 must be accompanied and supervised by a paying adult.

  • $8
    per person
    Day Pass
  • 1 Gamer
  • (16 years or older)
  • or $10 at the door
  • Book Now
  • $10 per Entrant
  • 1 Entry
  • (Magic: the Gathering)
  • Excludes General Admission
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Get Involved!

Whether you just want to play, run a game for others, or be involved in any way at all, you can reach us all over the web, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or via the form below email: [email protected].

Ettin Con is a non-profit, community-driven and volunteer-staffed event. All moneys go back into making future events bigger and better, once we've paid our venue hire and insurance. The best way to help us is to volunteer your time and resources to organise, promote and run each event.

Alternatively, you can donate directly to the Ettin Games Association to help us stay afloat, or become a patron to earn discounts and gifts:

NB: Despite being a non-profit organisation, we are not a registered charity, and as such, your donation is not tax-deductable.

Game Listing

Looking for RPG sessions, board game or card game competitions and demonstrations?
Keep checking back here as more games are listed, join our mailing list, or subscribe to our Google Calendar.
Want to run your own RPG session? Send us your pitch via this form and we'll advertise your table so players can register their seats!

Magic: The Gathering Tournament

Magic: The Gathering Tournament

Compete in The Games Cube's tournament for your chance to win a From the Vault: Transform set, promo cards and more! This tournament employs Modern format rules.

Tickets Available!
12 players 4hrs Magic: the Gathering
Star Wars: Destiny

Star Wars: Destiny

The Games Cube will introduce you to this exciting dice-and-card game of battles between iconic Star Wars heroes and villains from Fantasy Flight!

Public Game!
Demonstration 1hr Star Wars: Destiny
Lost Mines of Phandelver

Lost Mines of Phandelver

Gundren the Dwarf has tasked you and your fellow adventurers to escort a wagon of provisions from Neverwinter to Phandalin, a rough-and-tumble settlement.

Register for Free!
3-6 players 3hrs Dungeons Dragons (5th Edition) Adventurers League
The Red Frontier

The Red Frontier

It all seemed normal at first. A run of the mill trade voyage, in and out, all was going according to plan. It's a shame that none of the best stories start with normal. A gripping adventure filled with murder, suspense, tragedy, and the ever present power of hope in a changing world.

Register for Free!
3-5 players 3hrs Alas for the Awful Sea
Operation Sealion, 1940

Operation Sealion, 1940

(ALL DAY MEGAGAME) The Invasion of Britain, September 1940. Will the overpowering might of the Royal Navy be enough to see off the invaders, or will the Luftwaffe be able to stop the British ships and allow the German invaders to stay supplied long enough to succeed?

Register for Free!
9-10 players 12hrs Sprawling Wargames
The Thousand Year Cocoon

The Thousand Year Cocoon

The Fae have withdrawn from the world. The only way to find them is to seek the one true path into The Heart of the First Forest. This session will include character creation, and a tiny bit of world building. Dungeon World is a fantasy adventure game, described as having old school style with modern rules. You don't need to be familiar with Dungeon World at all to play. Just bring yourself, and a bunch of ideas!

Waiting List
2-4 players 3hrs Dungeon World
Mangrove of the Mud Mage

Mangrove of the Mud Mage

Why have you rowed this far downriver? What is it you so desperately seek? What do you fear the most about this sludgy estuary, where the salt-swamp wrestles with the edge of the sea? Will you prevail, and persist for others to tell your tale? We shall see...

Waiting List
3-5 players 3hrs Dungeon World
The Merciless Road

The Merciless Road

In a world filled with lieges and serfs, rogues are neither and are beholden to no one. This makes us dangerous, powerful people living outside of society. The roads between societies are full of wonder and danger, that’s exactly why we walk them.

Waiting List
2-4 players 3hrs Swords Without Master
Blood in The Chocolate

Blood in The Chocolate

Adult themes. 18+ age restriction, no exceptions. Gold ENNIE winner for Best Adventure 2017! The year is 1617, and the only thing on the minds of every noblewoman and aristocrat in Europe is CHOCOLATE. The act of eating this modest confection brings so much PLEASURE, it has become more prized than tea, spices, even liquor, and it all comes from one place: LUCIA DE CASTILLO’s factory in northern Friesland. This one businesswoman has Europe by the... throat, and some will pay handsomely for the secret to her success. But Lucia’s factory isn’t what it seems to be. The horrors and cruelties that exist within its walls defy IMAGINATION ITSELF. Nobody ever goes in ... and nobody ever comes out!

Waiting List
3-6 players 3hrs Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Wulfric’s Tomb

Wulfric’s Tomb

The legend of Wulfric's tomb is an often-told tale at The Gentleman of Fortune inn. Many have dismissed the claims of great treasure, but on this evening a mysterious stranger claims to know the true location. Will you trust this grizzled old-timer and seek out what prizes await?

Register for Free!
4-6 players 3hrs Basic Fantasy RPG


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