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A shared RPG world for Ettin Con

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Here is the premise behind this wiki, and the fantasy world it describes:

  • At each Ettin Con event, one or more tabletop role-playing game sessions will be set within an original and collaboratively-generated fantasy world.
  • Multiple game-masters may drop in and out of the program, running as many or as few sessions per event as the collective deem appropriate.
  • Each session may be run using the system, edition and ruleset of each GM's choosing.
  • World events stemming from the activity within each session will be recorded, contributing to the ever-changing historic record of an ever-expanding world, its characters, creatures, items, geography and lore.
  • Characters from previous sessions may continue their contribution to the history by returning to play in subsequent sessions.
  • The world's map will be illustrated on canvas and updated between conventions. Each revision will be archived online and hyperlinked to wiki articles.
  • The world's history and other details will be recorded on this wiki and updated between conventions.
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