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City of Glass

1)2) A group of adventurers has been sent out to fetch a glass bauble from the city of glass, it was made it very clear that this must be done in secret and also could potentially get those whom do it out from under the thumb of their employer.

The caravan had been traveling for weeks, the nomads know this desert well, a wise adventurer makes sure to travel with a guide. And what with the storm a few days ago, it was good fortune that they had done so. Around the campfire the night before arriving at the city, the guides impart some of their notorious traveler's tales, like the one about a great dragon who roams the desert and makes war upon the city of glass every night.

The captivated adventurers see in the distance the curl of fire surrounding the cities towers. the same towers that they had witnessed illuminated by an extraordinary flash of lighting in the terrifying storm of a few days past. Fuego the immolator helped the storyteller embellish his story with a dragon apparition out of the flames of the campfire.

A jester with a paper red dragon hat cavorted in the bazaar of the City of Glass, the whole city more or less looks like one great bazaar. Our adventurers wandered open mouthed gaping at all the smells and sights sounds and yes even the tastes. Our jester began juggling Ichaluby, mistaking him for a small furry juggling ball and incorporating him into his act. Ichaluby took exception to this and applied his dagger to the jester's hand.

The city guard, always alert and prepared, immediately arrested all involved with the exception of Talltin, and Eremos. Luckily Cucuolo had the presence of mind to breadcrumb his way through the city with small seedlings that grew at incredible speed. Eremos, sometimes mistaken for a druid rather than a wizard (on account of his specialization in botany, and being covered in moss), followed the small plants which squeaked “this way” to him. Talltin being less busy was able to observe his surroundings and noticed that the rock-hewn buildings, and the streets themselves all seemed to be designed to catch every last raindrop. Then, all of a sudden splash a gush of water came shooting out of a window of a 2nd floor flat.

The party, being escorted into the presence of the Vizier, attempted to explain themselves. during which Fuego presented a healing potion to the jester (the only potion in the party), upon mention of the very task that they were sent to the city of glass for, the vizier had the jester taken away and gave his first and last warning to the party, not to disturb the peace.

Passing by a coffee shop on the way to the glass merchants stall, the party noticed a customer pour out of their mug a pile of chicken noodle soup. And proceeded into the shop where one could find all manner of glass items from klein bottles with multicolored flowers stretching across their surface, to jugs that could have fit Talltin himself, to tiny little shotglasses that even Ichaluby would find troublesome to get a drink from. All of them extravagantly patterned and colored.

They were greeted rather sheepishly by the merchant whom had not yet received the order from the glass makers. Fuego after much, what he will call persuasion, alongside the snooping nose of Ichaluby and Cucuolo, managed to figure out that the reason the gift had been delayed was due to the fact that the glassmakers had not been receiving the water that they needed.

Meanwhile, Talltin had been indulging his curiosity about all things engineering, had spotted a capstone depicting a sunburst, and drain in the very center, The guards noticing the “persuasion” attempted to again arrest the party, after much scuffling and fire putting out the party escaped into a manhole within the center of the market and found themselves in an aqueduct within the city of glass.

Within the dark when a spark was lit the party could see a humongous transparent frog barring the path ( Talltin is not a light fellow and the ladder was not very strong). Ichaluby, with one mighty slash, struck the stone as the frog above merely coalesced into its previous form, Talltin with his muscles of steam and his bones of iron charged through the beast where it once again become the very water that the party found themselves in.

Eremos, suspecting sorcery, found that the very water itself was full of magic, and was mostly draconic. Venturing further the party found a section where the water ceased to be on the floor and started to be on the ceiling, the aqueduct continued further and started to dive deep deep down, the moss still moist was quite slippery, and poor Talltin's metal doesn't have much traction to start with.

Hurtling down the aqueduct on his back, completely out of control, the rest of the party decided to jump on and use him as a bobsled, and splashed to a halt in a large cistern, a forest of pillars blocked all view except for the light on the other end of the cistern, but Talltin and Eremos and Cucuolo could feel another presence multiple presences in fact, the great lung Cunaca and her brood.

After a tussle with the dragon, growing too much moss, and bit of healing the party decided that in fact fighting the dragon was potentially a very bad idea, and instead used one of the mirrors from the market above to bounce the sunlight into the cavern, and thus showing Cunaca the way out, she and her dragonlings, flew up and out of one of the cooling towers in the city above, and being a water dragon, the deluge of water that she had been collecting began to rush back into place, and the party found itself going from knee high water to waste height to chest. Quickly made a raft out of moss, turned into a crocodile and tread water as the the influx of water spewed them out of the cooling tower. The flash flood carried them over the skylight of the vizier and dropped them down onto his party.

Having caused the city to regain its water the vizier made arrangements for the glass gift to be made available for the party to take back free of charge.

Adventure WB9: 2018-08-04-1030-2B, GM: Torrey Keown. System: Dungeon World
Player Numbers 5,12,34,37,38,40.
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