A Visit to Scurlock Manor

at #EttinCon2021 - The Internet

Lord Scurlock is immortal, or so they say. Which means he has lots of valuable things he's collected. He's also out of town!...
Role-Playing Game
with Mael Reale
Seats 3/5
Duration 4

This game session takes place within #EttinCon2021 (17th - 18th July 2021).

Online sessions are free, and co-ordinated through our Discord server.

10:30am until 1:30pm Sunday
Online Play, Virtual Table E

Online Session

This game will be run via Discord. The GM will co-ordinate server/channel access with players before the session.


Blades in the Dark is a game about a crew of daring scoundrels seeking their fortunes on the haunted streets of an industrial-fantasy city.


Lord Scurlock, supposedly immortal, is out of town and his manor is as full of secrets as it is of riches and potentially a big break for you and your crew. This isn't your final score, the one to set you up for life, this is your first big score, the one to put you on the map... or wipe you off of it completely.


When the cataclysm happened, centuries ago, the sun disapeared and the moon shattered. The veil between life and death ripped and everything changed. In the forever dark, industrial city of Duskval, only a lightning barrier seperates the good folks of the city and the horrors of the outside. Then again, plenty of spooky things on the inside too, not to mention the gangs, the cults, and the possible demon or two. 

Subject Matter

This game brings about the supernatural and the ugly natural. Your characters are not heroes, they have vices and a desire to come out on top. Still, this is not a horror game (it could be, but it won't be here). Here we will steal and cheat, kill maybe even, the standard stuff. Still actions have consequences so be smart about your choices. This game is about having a fun time, not making you uncomfortable, still, if that should happen we will be using X cards and a conversation will take place before the game to ensure everyone is on the same page.