Zombie World

at #EttinCon2021 - Blackheath

Zombie World is a game about survivors caught up in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, fighting against the living and the restless-dead.
Role-Playing Game
with Nathan Roberts
Seats 0/8
Duration 3
Waiting List 3/3
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This game session takes place within #EttinCon2021 (17th - 18th July 2021).

Physical attendance at offline sessions requires a general admission ticket purchased from EttinCon.org/#tickets

Blackheath Community Centre, 265 Great Western Highway, Blackheath NSW 2785 during the event.

Online sessions are co-ordinated through our Discord server.

7:00pm until 10:00pm Saturday
Extra Hall, RPG Table B


You survived through the first year of the zombie apocalypse. You dodged all the gnashing teeth and clammy hands and made your way here, to one of few enclaves of survivors left. The man who bunks next to you is starting to look a little bit… well… undead, and there’s a hole in the fence that you don’t have the resources to fix. This is not how you thought your life was going to go...

You and your fellow players will play the survivors of the zombie apocalypse in an enclave of your choosing. You'll face a tense mixture of undead danger and social tension, creating stories like the ones you see on Fear The Walking Dead, Zombieland, or Black Summer.

Maybe you’re just an accountant who took up a machete to keep her friends and family safe. Maybe you’re an escaped inmate trying to keep your criminal past a secret from your fellow survivors. Maybe you’re a soldier trying to lead and protect your whole enclave in this ruined world.


Together, we'll set up the game, including the enclave (the “safe” location you and the other survivors have made your own), its population (including the PC survivors and the NPC survivors), its advantages, its scarcities, and its surroundings. You set up your survivor PCs by pulling a few cards from the decks, and you define the relationships between them so they are interesting, complicated, human characters. And you play, describing the actions of your characters, speaking for them, and drawing cards to resolve moments of uncertainty. Over the course of playing, you tell your very own story of life after the zombie apocalypse, complete with betrayals, last-minute saves, triumphs, and failures.


Months after Z-Day, everyone left alive has had to figure out how to eke out an existence in the nightmarish world that surrounds them. They’ve had to struggle, and fight, and run, and scavenge, and kill. Not a single person left today has come through unscathed. They’re survivors, in the truest sense of the word.

In Zombie World, your story is about the larger group of characters more than it is about any single one of them, as you struggle, sacrifice, and strive to create a place where you and your allies might not just survive...but where you might live. It is grim, with small moments of humanity admidst unrelenting adversity. Depending on the group, black humour is a strong possibility.

Rated  R for horror, violence and language.

After all, the zombies are dangerous, but everyone knows the real hell is other people. 

Subject Matter

Rated  for horror, violence and language.

We will be discussing personal triggers during setup, and use the X card during play to facilitate everyone having a (horrifically) god time.