at #EttinCon2021 - The Internet

Villagesong is a one-shot storytelling rpg about leading a village and making tough decisions for your island's future.
Role-Playing Game
with Vee Hendro
Seats 4/4
Duration 3
No Registration Required

This game session takes place within #EttinCon2021 (17th - 18th July 2021).

Online sessions are free, and co-ordinated through our Discord server.

10:00am until 10:00pm Saturday
Online Play, Virtual Table G

Online Session

This game will be run via Discord and Roll20 according to interest - you can contact the GM via the #villagesong channel on the EttinCon Discord server and wait to be invited into a session.

The future of your village rests on your shoulders.

Villagesong is a fantastical RPG about communities, leadership, and change, inspired by tales from ancient Java. Your decisions will determine the future of your village and the island. What will you sacrifice, and what will you hold dear?

You play a village leader, responsible for the wellbeing and future of your home.

As the game progresses, you will make tough decisions that change your village, and the entire island. Choice by choice, you will shape the song of your village, sung for many years to come. What will be your villagesong?



Villagesong is a one-shot rpg about leading a village and making tough decisions for your island's future. 


Players work together to tell a collaborative story of their villages and island, and navigate a changing world and their own relationships.


Poetic, fantastical and focuses a lot on relationships.

Subject Matter

We will be using safety tools during play: pause & edit, and the x-card. Depending on the setup choices of the players, themes of war, rebellion, intimate relationships may come up.