Lair of the Sad Mage

at #EttinCon2022 - and Local Gatherings

There was a wizard who sadly, sought to fix things gone badly. Thoughts forbidden did he seek, to devils he learned to speak...
Role-Playing Game
with Matt Horam
Seats 1/4
Duration 3 hrs

This game session takes place within #EttinCon2022 (16th - 17th July 2022).

Online sessions are free, and co-ordinated through our Discord server.

10:30am until 1:30pm Sunday
Online Play, Virtual Table A


Tunnel Goons, by Nate Treme, is a tiny rpg perfect for new players and old lazybones' like me, who like to roll up a random fantasy character in 5 minutes, then drop in to a simple dungeon adventure looking for treasure by torchlight, holding monsters at sword's length.


Lair of the Sad mage is a small, quirky crawl through the eponymous lair, facing danger, solving puzzles, and searching for secret treasures. If we all work together, we could end up with wonderous riches, fun stories, and maybe time left over to jump into a second adventure, or just chat about this one.


Tunnel Goons has a light-hearted table tone, but your characters are nearly destitute survivors of a war which most likely snuffed out their dreams as they learned new skills to survive without them. You can treat them like little puppet avatars, or a video game, but know that for them, death is still the end...usually...unless?

Subject Matter

Tunnel Goons contains simple depictions of death and fantasy violence, the accoutrements of ritual magic, with creatures, devils, and other dangers to hurdle over in search of a better life. Lair of the Sad Mage contains at least one mysterious corpse and a reference to familial regret.

We will have the X Card and Script Change emojis available in the Discord channels in case we find ourselves accidentally broaching an uncomfortable topic or distressing interaction. We should have the tools we need to redefine the game as something everyone at the table can enjoy in comfort. If the GM receives a DM asking to change topics, we'll move on, and we don't need to know why or who, only what.