Ironsworn: Delve

at #EttinCon2021 - The Internet

To fulfill your sworn vows, you will brave the most dangerous depths & face the most terrible foes. Will you escape? Play to find out.
Role-Playing Game
with Matt Horam
Seats 2/4
Duration 3

This game session takes place within #EttinCon2021 (17th - 18th July 2021).

Online sessions are free, and co-ordinated through our Discord server.

3:00pm until 6:00pm Saturday
Online Play, Virtual Table E

Online Session

This game will be run via Discord and Roll20 - the GM will post details to the players before the session.


Everyone at the table will be an equal participant as we roll up a random location and invent the sworn vow we're there to fulfil. Our characters are low-fantasy honour-bound adventurers, and their quest isn't easily abandoned.


The roles traditionally handled by a GM will be distributed amongst the players, each player interpreting the dice to see what becomes of their characters along the way. We aim to walk away from the table with a surprising and fun story, hopefully with a positive outcome for our characters and their communities.


The tone should be reasonably ardent, equal parts somber and hopeful. I'm keen to see pockets of laughter as long as the whole session doesn't become clown cars full of muppet babies (that's a different session I'd be interested in running sometime).

Subject Matter

We'll work together to ensure our story doesn't contain the specific topics or scenes which would make our fellow players uncomfortable. The X Card and Script Change tools are welcome and encouraged, as well as generally speaking up plainly and honestly about how we are feeling about the session as we play. Anyone needing help to voice their needs is encouraged to contact me to determine the most comfortable methods for them to subtly gain my full attention to steer the story away from a problem area. I want us all to enjoy the game equally!