Divine Right

at #EttinCon2022 - and Local Gatherings

Be a monarch trying to use magic, diplomacy, and your armed forces to explore and take over the colourful fantasy land of Minaria.
Board Game
with Christopher Webber
Seats 2/5
Duration 4 hrs

This game session takes place within #EttinCon2022 (16th - 17th July 2022).

Online sessions are free, and co-ordinated through our Discord server.

10:00am until 2:00pm Sunday
Online Play, Table Space B


A simple, fast paced game that combines combat, diplomacy, role playing and magic, with the outcome always in doubt.  Players try to hold together an alliance long enough to crush the power of the other kings and win the game.  They may be assisted by sorcerers, mighty heros, or just plain mercenaries but can use any means they wish to win, such as the famous Altars of Greystaff, where they can sacrifice one of their military units to ask a boon of the Gods.


Players win by killing other monarchs and capturing cities.  There are player and non-player monarchs and killing or capturing the former gains the most points.


Believable Fantasy: That is to say a world of magic, monsters and mortal struggle, yet people have sensible (yet alien) names and act as if their lives truly mattered.  Mostly there is a considerable amount of luck in the game, so it's great fun and should not be taken too seriously.  Some of the unit descriptions and locations (e.g. The Huts of the Scum)  are quite humourous.  

Subject Matter

In this game, you don't form alliances with other players - the game shifts too fast for that.  You learn to laugh at your own misfortunes but can have fun role-playing the evil or good kings.  The Black Hand, for instance, is a necromancer who can raise the dead after a battle. His opposite is the Invisible School of Thaumaturgy.  There are kings of the goblins, trolls, elves, and dwarves.  There's a pirate king as well as an emperor - 13 monarchs in all.  A simple wargame with quick combat rules.  Each non-player monarch has a personality which can affect many aspects of the game.  Each turn, there is a diplomacy round, where by rolling dice you can try to get a non-player monarch to join your side, or deactivate another player's alliance.  You move armies and there are sieges and battles.  There are magic items to collect and special leaders or monsters with special abilities.  For instance, the Kingdom of Schucassam has a Leper unit that can scare other units away from it.  You can send your monarch to the Temple of Kings and try to persuade the Gods to give you a gift (if you fail, you fall into an enchanted sleep of an indefinte length).   It's a joy just to read the names of all the locations on the map.  The game was designed by one of the original TSR team so it is strongly linked to many D&D traditions.

System Requirements

Online play of the Game requires the latest version of Vassal with the Divine Right module (must be this module, the other modules use different rules and maps).  Both the Divine Right module and Vassal are free but must be downloaded and installed on your computer.  We will use Discord to talk to the other players.

Instructional Video