Growing uncertainty and increasing safety requirements have unfortunately rendered this year's physical event too great a risk, both medically and financially.

We're really sorry that it didn't turn out better for everyone - and we were so looking forward to seeing you all - but we'll once again set our sights on next year, and be readier than ever for the time we can play together again.

Until then, please do join us online for a game next month, even if it's just sharing a photo of a dining table covered in components, tagged with #EttinCon2021!

Our Next Steps:

  1. Processing refunds for credit card orders, and issuing gift vouchers to DiscoverNSW voucher orders
  2. Moving sessions online wherever possible, and cancelling others
  3. Setting up Discord/Guilded rooms for online scheduling, chat, and play
  4. Communicating with all registered players and the general public
  5. Getting vaccinated and hoping for a brighter year in 2022