About Ettin Con

Ettin Con started in July 2015 in a cosy church hall in Katoomba as a place to meet new players, discover new games, and enjoy our hobbies by sharing them.
Our next event saw twice as many of us in a venue twice as large, playing for twice as long, and it just keeps getting bigger and better!
(Our mascot is the Ettin, a two-headed giant, because our twice-yearly event began as a double-birthday party for the founders)

Poster for Summer 2017

Board Games

We've come a long way since monopoly. Bring your favourite board game along to share, or even try something different from our library of public games.

Roleplaying Games

More than just Dungeons and Dragons! Register a table to run a game, or just a seat or two to play at one of our RPG sessions.

Card Games

Magic? Uno? Card Wars? Bring your deck, shuffle into your seat, and deal us in!

Video Games

We haven't forgotten you screen-heads. Enjoy our console together or bring your portable device with some multiplayer games, and get social!



Event Details

Ettin Con: Summer Edition
Saturday 14th January 2017
Katoomba Leura Community Centre
81-83 Katoomba Street
Katoomba, NSW 2780


Online tickets will become available when the next event's date is announced.
In the meantime, you could grab an Annual Pass gift voucher and just redeem it after the announcement!
General Admission tickets should be available at the door, but roleplaying sessions (free) and competitions (plus entry fee) require registration to ensure your seat at those tables.
Children under 16 must be accompanied and supervised by a paying adult.

  • $8 per person
    Day Pass
  • 1 Gamer
  • (16 years or older)
  • or $10 at the door
  • Book Now


Save yourself some money by pre-purchasing your tickets now and printing them at home, thanks to the magic of the internet!

Get Involved!

Whether you just want to play, run a game for others, or be involved in any way at all, you can reach us all over the web, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or via the form below email: [email protected].

Ettin Con is a non-profit, community-driven and volunteer-staffed event. All moneys go back into making future events bigger and better, once we've paid our venue hire and insurance. The best way to help us is to volunteer your time and resources to organise, promote and run each event. If you'd rather make a donation to the Ettin Games Association to help us stay afloat, please use this button:

NB: Despite being a non-profit organisation, we are not a registered charity, and as such, your donation is not tax-deductable.

Game Listing

Looking for RPG sessions, board game or card game competitions and demonstrations?
Keep checking back here as more games are listed, join our mailing list, or subscribe to our Google Calendar.


A Total Fiasco!

You will engineer and play out stupid, disastrous situations, usually at the intersection of greed, fear, and lust. It’s like making your own Coen brothers movie, in about the same amount of time it’d take to watch one.

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3-5 players 3hrs
Magic Pre-Release

Magic Pre-Release

Experience the thrill of opening Aether Revolt cards for the first time with other Magic players who enjoy the game just as much as you. Run by Afternoonified.

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8-16 players 4+hrs
Magic Tournament

Magic Tournament

Compete for your chance to win a Planechase Anthology worth $225, run by Games 'n' More.

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5 players 3hrs
A Litany in Scratches

A Litany in Scratches

Everyone knows about the ancient religious order that once made its fortified mountain home in the High Fells, now only monstrous rumours and adventurous treasure-seekers surround their ruined monastery.

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6 Players 3hrs
Fallen Angel Blues

Fallen Angel Blues

The armies of heaven and hell have waged a shadow war since the ascension of humanity, using mystic artefacts to control the destiny of the world.

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6 Players 3hrs
Trouble in Hochen

Trouble in Hochen

In the freezing north, the village of Hochen is in dire straits - famine in the dead of winter, and rumours of an infernal influence have reached the court.

Register your seat!
5 players 3hrs


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